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"We believe that responsible and progressive developers create sustainable communities that make lives more convenient and connected."

I-Land is innovative in providing solutions for residential, commercial, leisure and recreational amenities with the latest design and technology, efficient customer care and property management ensuring its value over time.


"We believe everyone deserves a healthy lifestyle. This begins with the freshness of food that is served to them. ORCA partners with people and businesses who share the same sense of responsibility of providing “fresh” food to others."


"We believe in building to enrich lives, connect families, provide services, and make accessible products and technologies for people from all walks of life. We are committed to ensuring the progress of our nation."

Committed to innovating ways that make a positive, sustainable impact on our communities, at edotco we are renowned for providing expert engineering and flexible designs which serve as the backbone for modern wireless communication.

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  • 08.07.2020

    BOI investment pledges up 126% as of August

  • news

    ISOC-edotco acquires 70 sites to build common telecom towers

  • 01.13.2020

    Globe taps ISOC-led common tower pool